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Forniture per Arti Grafiche dal 1956

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Novità - Eventi


our activity goes on in compliance with the Prime Ministerial Decree of 22.03.2020, art. 1, paragraph 1, letter D, with regular receipt and shipment of materials, always obviously in full compliance with the necessary standards and safety measures, which we continue to implement.

Friday will be a day dedicated to the total sanitization of our Premises, offices and warehouse, through a specialized company and therefore on that day we will receive orders regularly at the address  but no shipments will be made, which will be processed on Monday.

All appointments and technical interventions remain suspended until new provisions, except for the possibility of video conferencing.

In light of this, we have set up an emergency business phone number dedicated to technical-commercial support: +39 334 6663704

We take this opportunity to thank the trade associations ACIMGA, ATIF, GIPEA e quindi ASSOGRAFICI / CONFINDUSTRIA that in this moment have really shown to be to the side of the Companies.


WE ARE THERE, to support you in your important business of vital importance to the community and we hope that the situation will turn better as soon as possible.



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